Suburban Housing
Development & Research, INC.


An Agency Narrative

Suburban Housing Development and Research was started in 1981 as Section 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation to provide shelter and services for families in need. As its first venture, co-founder, David N. Hilgendoff and Edward Connelly acquired, rehabilitated, and sold at cost to first-time buyers two houses in Suffolk County. The rehabilitative work was performed by staff and volunteers. During this time, Suburban also began to serve Suffolk’s homeless population as an emergency shelter for Suffolk County Department of Social Services. These services continue to this date.

In 1983 Suburban Housing was awarded an administrative grant as a Neighborhood Preservation Company under the Department of Housing and Community Renewal of New York State. Suburban has successfully renewed this grant every year since its inspection and provides a myriad of services to needy families within the boundaries served by the agency.

Suburban’s first mayor grant for acquisition and rehabilitation was in 1984. Under the sponsorship of Suffolk County Department of Social Services, using tax foreclosed properties, a Homeless Assistance Program grant from the New York State Department of Social Services was received to complete eight houses. These properties were completely rehabilitated by our corporate work crew. All of these units were used to house homeless families. Over the next four years, two more Homeless Housing Assistance Program projects were completed which added twelve more houses for homeless families in Suffolk County.

Also, 1984 saw the substantial beginning of the social work-focused efforts at Suburban. A staff of supervising social worker, two case managers, education liaison and active administration became the model of Suburban’s future efforts.
A grant to purchase and rehabilitate five houses was received in 1990 from the Housing Trust Fund of New York State with rental rehabilitation supplement founding from the Town of Brookhaven Community Development Agency. These units were rehabilitated by Suburban Housing work crew and are used as permanent housing for formerly homeless families.

In 1991 an additional unit of homeless housing was provided in a somewhat unusual manner. Using ESG McKinney found from the Town of Islip Community Development Agency, a ranch house, which had been donated by a local church in lieu of demolition, was moved on to a foundation a parcel owned by Suburban. The parcel was created through the minor subdivision of a larger corporate parcel. Also in 1991, using similar founding, two other abandoned and foreclosed properties were acquired from the Public Administration of Suffolk County for use in housing homeless families.

In 1996, Suburban Housing made a mayor advance in its ability to serve all its families. Suburban purchased a 12,000 sq. ft. facility at 1377 Fifth Avenue, Bay Shore, NY. This facility housed our child care, GED area, tutoring rooms, computer rooms, and a New York State Licensed Day Care Center. Additionally, in 1996 Suburban purchased, rehabilitated and occupied five more properties from HUD with mortgage funding from the Town of Islip Community Development Agency.

In 1997 – 1998, Suburban purchased, rehabilitated, and occupied eight more houses – six from HUD using section 203(K) funding and two houses from the Long Island Housing Partnership with mortgage financing from Roosevelt Savings Bank and the Town of Islip Community Development Agency. All of this financing will be satisfied under a Homeless Housing Assistance Program Grant from New York State. All units are complete and occupied by homeless families.

In 1999 – 2001, Suburban purchased, rehabilitated and occupied six more units. Suburban also acquired six more units with HUD funding and has began construction on two hi-ranches. In 2002 – 2013, Suburban purchased, built or rehabilitated, and occupied twenty-seven more single family houses. These projects were funded by HUD, the Town of Islip Community Development Agency or the Leviticus Alternative Fund.

Suburban Housing has been developing and maintaining emergency and permanent housing for homeless families, successfully, since 1984. Suburban serves its homeless clients with social work staff led by LCSW with over 25 years of experience. It’s houses are maintained by a corporate work crew who see to it that units meet all town and county health and safety requirements.

In it’s almost 34 years of operation, Suburban has developed well over 72 units of housing for the homeless and very low income populations of Suffolk County. It’s assets exceed 15 million dollars. Suburban has successfully developed housing with the assistance of both New York State and federal agencies and remained in full contract compliance/reporting with these agencies. Highly experienced and dedicated staff ensure that our clients receive the maximum benefit of staff resources. Extremely low staff turn-over guarantees consistency in these client services.